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Band Fees

IMPORTANT: All marching band fees from the previous year (2022-23) MUST be paid IN FULL for your student to participate in the upcoming marching band practices and season.

If you have a delinquent account, your student WILL NOT be able to participate in marching band until their account balance is paid in full.

If you have a delinquent account, your student WILL NOT be able to participate in indoor winter groups until their marching band balance is paid in full.

Contact Gwendolyn Winderlich or Adam Bess with questions or comments.


Please contact the Band Booster Treasurer should you need flexibility or assistance with our financial obligations. All correspondence is kept strictly confidential.

To participate in the DCHS Bands and Guard Program means you understand the financial obligations set forth. Our group is the most active in the entire school corporation. Consequently, we incur expenses that are not covered by the school district. As a result, fees are charged to each member to cover costs incurred while participating in the organization.


You will be notified in advance of all costs and given a formal timeline for payment.  Keep in mind that a student’s HS diploma may be withheld until all financial obligations are met.


Financial Accountability: It is expected that all fee payments be made according to the published predetermined payment schedule. If for any reason you are unable to adhere to the predetermined payment schedule you MUST communicate such to the Treasurer and put in place a Payment Plan Agreement immediately. This agreement must be agreed upon and signed by both the parent and the Treasurer.  

Student Accounts

  • Each student in the DCHS Bands and Guard Program has an account of his/her own. This account is used to charge and pay portions of band-related expenses.

  • Students can create credits in their individual account through fundraising or through cash/check /credit card/PayPal payments.

  • Money can be added to a student’s account at any time. The money in these accounts can be used only for band-related expenses.  


Procedures for Making Payments

We request that any and all money be turned in one of the following ways, to keep your money safe and secure:

  • Money must be placed in a sealed envelope. The band office has envelopes for your use. On the  envelope, include:

    • 1) Your name

    • 2) Amount of money enclosed

    • 3) What the money is for (fees, fundraiser, etc.)

  • Place sealed envelope in the BLACK metal box that is hanging on the wall inside Band Door #11.

    • DO NOT hand money to any directors/staff

    • DO NOT leave money on director/staff person’s desk

  • Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal. 

Make checks out to DCHS Band Boosters

Band payments can be placed in the secure black lock box that hangs inside of Band Door #11. This box is checked regularly.

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