Indoor Winds (Winter Marching Band)

Indoor Winds (often referred to as Winter Winds or Indoor Marching Band) is an extracurricular “winds only” ensemble.


This recently created organization has grown yearly in size and popularity and has become a natural extension of existing indoor color guard and percussion ensemble programs. Indoor Winds compete against other bands at IPA and WGI competitions as well as other related events.


Student will learn and perform a show that is custom written just for the members of the group. Significant drill (movement) is also a part of this group. Participation in this group costs extra (fundraising is required) and requires significant work outside of school. Members are expected to devote significant outside time to mastering their instrument and music, as this ensemble performs at a highly advanced level.


Indoor winds participants also represent the band program in many other ensembles throughout the school year.


2021 Accomplishment Highlights

  • 2nd Place: Decatur Central HS (2-20-21) 

  • 1st Place: Greenfield Central HS (2-27-21) 

  • 1st Place: Greenfield Central HS (3-6-21)  

  • 1st Place: Pendleton HS IPA Prelims (3-13-21)

  • 2nd Place (Runners Up): Center Grove State Finals (3-20-21)