COMMITMENT FORM - Handbook, Rules and Financial

I have read the following information regarding policies, rules, future events and finances for the DCHS Band and Guard. I understand the information disclosed to me and give DCHS Band and Guard directors and instructors permission to act as needed. I further understand that the directors and instructors reserve the right to remove an individual from performance duties and/or the program at-large upon repeated offenses or negligence of the DCHS Bands and Guard policies.

Please submit this completed form along with your band registration, medical release form and your first installment before June 5th, 2021 (securing your place as a member of our ensemble). This form indicates that both a student and
parent/guardian understanding of the guidelines outlined in the DCHS 
Handbook. We want to welcome you as a member of the DCHS Bands and Guard. We look forward to an incredible season with you!

By signing and returning this form, the students and parents/guardians of the DCHS Band and Guard agree to the following:

  1. I have read this DCHS Handbook and agree to follow all guidelines therein.

  2. I agree to meet all financial obligations as outlined in the handbook.

  3. Students will be in attendance at all rehearsals and performances, or follow the appropriate guidelines for arranging an absence, all as outlined in the handbook.

  4. I agree to complete and return the Mandatory Medical Release Form (this is different from the physical) and this Commitment Form.

  5. I agree to submit all three parts of the IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form.

  6. I understand that this is a commitment, and that administration, staff and students are relying on this commitment to reach our goals of excellence. Students who drop out of the program after the first camp in May will be liable for the entire fee associated with this group.

Please complete one commitment form and submit for each student that

is in the DCHS Band & Guard program.

If you have more than 1 student, you'll need to fill out this form and submit it for each student 

you have in the band & guard program. That will require filling out this form multiple times for multiple students.

Please fill out the following two forms if you haven't already: