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Butter Braids 
We will be selling the Butter Braid Pastry & Joyful Traditions from LeBraid Fundraising.  Profit from the first five (5) items sold will go to the General Fund. Profit from items sold after the first five will be split 80% to the student account and 20% to the general fund ($6.40 profit = $5.12 student account and $1.28 to general fund).  If you choose not to participate in this fundraiser, the buy out form is attached to this email.
  • Starts: Monday January 30th
  • Ends: Monday February 13 (turn in forms & money)
  • Delivery Date: Wed. March 1 (time TBA)
This is a MANDATORY fundraiser with a $25.00 buy out option. 

Click this link to print off the Buy Out form.
  1.  Fill out the Buy Out form, place it into an envelope along with a check for $25 (DO NOT SEND CASH).
  2. Make sure your student's name is written on the outside of the envelope.
  3. Place the envelope in the black box located inside the band room (door #11).
Directions: Click the link above. Locate the student's name you wish to purchase from and click on it. You will be taken to that student's page where you can make purchases.
Dine & Donate
15% of sales will be donated to DCHS Band & Guard. 
  • Where: Iguana’s
  • Location: 439 Town Center St. 
    Mooresville, IN 46158
    Located in Moore
    sville Town Center
  • When: February 1, February 22 and March 29
There are two mandatory fundraisers:
  1. In the fall season for ALL marching band and guard students
  2. In the winter season for all students involved in the winter groups.
Students can either participate by selling the required quantity of items or choose the “buy-out” option in all
mandatory fundraisers.
With all mandatory fundraisers, the profit split is weighted toward the general fund, as these are fundraisers held to support the band and guard program’s overall operating fund.

Details will be provided when the fundraiser is announced.
There are also many optional fundraising opportunities offered throughout the year for all students.
A portion of the profit (20%) from every optional fundraiser goes in the general fund and a portion of the
profit (80%) goes toward student band fees.
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